Are you a cyber security enthusiast? Does the word “security” fascinates you?  Are you curious to know the things under the hood? Are you willing to learn security but confused from where to start? Are you a Mr Robot fan and want replicate the hacks performed Elliot?

If you have any of the above questions in your mind then you are now on the right page. Next task what you must do is to bookmark this page because the series of blogs are about to come which will guide you to your journey to the exciting field of cyber security. 
Use my blog as the handbook for your reference. In the other blogs, I will be publishing various useful tips, tricks, notes and knowledge which I have gained from my study and research. I have put in hours of efforts to compile them and now want to share it will the community. This blog is the knowledge base which you can use for quick reference. Whether you are working on linux and find it difficult to remember the terminal commands or willing to learn python in quick time for task automation or confused regarding from where to start penetration testingYou will find this blog really useful in you career. 
I have tried to make my blog as simple as possible so that you don’t find it boring and get lost while reading. It contains clear and concise information which you will find really helpful in your busy schedules. 
No gossips no shits, only relevant contents.
Do comment your suggestions for the topics you want to learn or doubts you have in your mind. I will be happy to respond. Also share if you find it useful. 

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Happy Learning 😊
The author is a security enthusiast with interest in web application security, cloud-native application development and Kubernetes.

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