About Me

I am a computer science engineer. I developed interest in security field during my college days. Having computer science as my branch, it helped me a lot in building my basics, thanks to the subjects like  algorithms, micro controllers, computer architectures, networking, web application technologies and cryptography. For any security enthusiast, having the knowledge of the above areas will help them to become a better security engineer. My area of interests are application security, network security, reverse engineering, IoT, tinkering with devices like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and designing prototypes. I like working on wargames and playing security CTFs in my free time.

Why I started this Blog?

My aim with this blog is to contribute back to this awesome internet community which has been my prime source of learning ever since I started using computers. Till the time I started this blog, it was only one way knowledge sharing. I learned a lot from internet but always I had the desire to make some contribution back to the internet and help others with their learning. I feel gaining knowledge is the continuous process and it should never stop. It is the journey, not the destination.

Theme of my blog is “Looking under the hood” where I try to break down the complex stuffs to their basics and learn how stuffs actually work . If you have the interest in the fields like cyber security, micro controllers, internet of things, home automation etc, then lets collaborate together. Lets revolutionalize this process and make the knowledge reachable to as many as possible. Please reach me at admin@roguesecurity.in